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Ciekawostka z a jednak

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Ciekawostka z a jednak
A jednak stanowimy jakies malutkie zagrozenie dla chwytaczy :)
Karateka, Jeet Kun Do, Muay Thai and other traditional styles: In the picture below you see a finishing leg lock move off of a traditional punch/throw attack. The thing that makes this move different is that the foot is attacked immediately after the opponent hits the ground. Lets be honest about this move.... it is not a high percentage submission move in itself.
Dołączona grafika
The beauty of using this move is that it moves the opponent into other higher percentage submission moves while you remain pretty much in a dominant standing position. For BJJ opponents it is important to not get into a foot fighting game where the BJJ opponent is maneuvering you with his feet from a open guard position.

One way to do that is to clamp the ankle and foot firmly on your hip. This prevents him from using many open guard moves. This move is really a submission move where you have knocked down the opponent but do not want to go to the ground. (Example: In a bar, the street or other street/multiple opponent situation. Something different from the staff.
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