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Wywiad z Masato

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Wywiad z Masato

Interview with Masato from Kakutogi Tsushin
Translated by Miho

Dołączona grafika

Interviewer: You only have less than two months for the match against Yamamoto ‘Kid’ Norifumi. It seems like your training has speeded up.
Masato: I’ve been increasing my pace since last October. I’m working at the gym for about two hours a day....

Interviewer: Are you planning to work out with Kevin Yamazaki (trainer)?
Masato: No not for this time. I don’t have to increase my weight anymore. And another reason is Nuatoranii (trainer) told me I don’t really need to go to Kevin’s place. I’ve known Nuatoranii for a long time, he never said anything like that before. So I was like if he says that, I just thought I don’t have to.

Interviewer: Your main training is gonna be with Nuatoranii?
Masato: I also do some striking practice with Iida (Yu: Watanabe Gym). I’m also thinking about doing swimming, few times a week.

Interviewer: I believe you were doing swimming when you were a student.
Masato: Yea, Nuatoranii said swimming is good for stamina and muscle. I definitely wanna do that.

Interviewer: Buakao (pls check spelling) is swimming in the river in Thailand, did you know that?
Masato: Yes, I heard he’s doing it. I’m thinking I am going to do anything what Nuatoranii suggests me. 

Interviewer: You’ve known him for a long time?
Masato: I’ve known him since I was twenty years old. So five or six years has passed.

Interviewer: Are you going to learn new techniques for the next match?
Masato: Nothing.

Interviewer: You just go back to the basics and get ready for Kid…
Masato: That’s right.

Interviewer: I assume that you remain self possessed mentally. But this match is like Kid picks a quarrel.
Masato: It’s not really a quarrel, you think so? I don’t know. I’m used to this kinda situation. It’s happening to me so often, like ‘you fight me!’ or something like that. When I face Kid, I’m gonna look down on him thoroughly. Now I’m a wolf in sheep shape but in the ring, I will show you real me.

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Re: Wywiad z Masato
Masato ! Masato ! :)
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