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Macaco wins Givanildo at BJJ Máster

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Macaco wins Givanildo at BJJ Máster
Macaco wins Givanildo at BJJ Máster

Macaco Gold Team BJJ black belt Jorge Patino Macaco got his revenge from last year, when was defeated by Givanildo at Master International BJJ competition. Now, Macaco ruled the middle heavyweight division at the VI edition of the tournament, which happened yesterday (28) in Rio de Janeiro. As the Tijuca Tênis Clube gymnasium is used to controversial decisions, this time it not could be different.

During the first minute of fight, Macaco applied a take down in Givanildo, who ended getting hurt when hit one of the advertising signs. He hurt his ear and got a small cut behind his eye. The fight was interrupted and the doctors invaded the mat. When the fight re-started, Macaco did a better game on the top and conquered four advantages traying to pass Ginanildo's guard. The Lotus black belt conquered two advantages, but they weren't enough to avoid the loss.

"I wanted to win Givanildo so badly, because he is from São Paulo like me and is such a tought fighter. He also defeated me last year. However I wanted to do it inside the mat and unforutunatelly he got hurt. I didn't mean to do it. It was an accident and made me feel guilty," stated the champion after the bout.
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