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WMC - World '04 Update

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WMC - World '04 Update

France Muaythai Federation under the IFMA Banner has been included as official sport by the Olympic Committee of France. Mr.Jacqui Mairesse the President of the European Federation and Vice President of IFMA has become the official representative of the Federation at the OCA. This is fantastic news and Mr.Mairesse, which has been a member of the IFMA and WMC since the inauguration is with no doubt a true ambassador for MUAYTHAI. Congratulations from the MUAYTHAI World! Who knows maybe Paris will be the host for the 2012 Olympic games and with people like Mr.Mairesse and the strong France Federation which has full government recognition Amateur MUAYTHAI, would have a great chance to become Olympic Sport. Vive La France !

MUAYTHAI has been included in the first Indoor Asian Games. The IFMA already has organized MUAYTHAI as a demonstration sport as the Asian Games and has been fully accepted into the panel of sports by the OCA. Mr. Muttaleb Ahmad, the Director General of OCA, has send a personal letter to the President of IFMA Dr.Sakchye Tapsuwan to assist in the organization and congratulations to IFMA on this fantastic news.

Sea Games
Manila will be the host for the 2005 Sea Games. The Philippine Amateur MUAYTHAI Association the official and sole member of the WMC and IFMA in the Philippines is working overtime to get MUAYTHAI included in the games. The Philippine Federation is already a fully accepted member of the Philippine Olympic Committee and the hard work has been done by General Lucas Managuelod Vice President of IFMA and President of the Philippine Federation and Mr. Roberto Valdez the General Secretary. The Philippines which have won the best improved team award two years ago are ready to host this competition and Fingers crossed for the inclusion. Philippines another Asian Force in MUAYTHAI

Germany will be the host of the open IFMA Championships in June . The MUAYTHAI Bund Deutschland the organizer of this championships have said many countries have already signed on for the championships. France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and many others will guarantee 3 days of action and a great promotion for MUAYTHAI. Well done Germany! Let the championship begin.

will be organizing an open Asian championship in September .This yearly event already have gained huge popularity. Moreover, the IFMA already has send out invitation for this prestigious event

The Oceania MUAYTHAI Federation, the only authorized IFMA and WMC body in the Oceania region, is hosting a fantastic Charity project. The Iran government has given full support to this event and is sending the Iranian National team to participate at this event. Many high profile personalities from political and private sector have given full support and the event will be held on two separate days in Brisbane and Sydney. Proceeds from the event will go to the YOUNG Injured Soldier and MUAYTHAI Against Drug Foundation. A big Thank you must go to John Cockburn President of the Oceania Federation and the Vice President of IFMA and WMC have done some fantastic work.

Adelaide, which have put itself on the world map especially of the effort of Alan Wong (Executive member Oceania Federation) and former MUAYTHAI champion Ethan Sheep. Australians hottest heavyweight and WMC World champion, Paul Slowinski is the biggest name in town. Slowinski will take on Ron Sefo in a WMC Prestige fight and Killer Kurt Finlayson, which has received the best Boxer ward from her Royal Highness the Princess of Thailand at the last IFMA Championship will take on former Boxing World Champion Lakham in a prestige fight. Finlayson is one of Australians biggest talents. The show will also be televised.

New Zealand
Lord of the Rings made New Zealand popular, but also the country has some fantastic MUAYTHAI talents. The New Zealand Federation under the banner of the IFMA and WMC and the Oceania Federation have grown from strength to strength. All the major Gyms have joined forces and the General Secretary of the Federation is Sue Glassey former MUAYTHAI Champion. Fantastic that the Girls get involved in hard Federation work and Sue (which only recently become a mother ) you doing a fantastic job.

Samoa and Tonga
Have officially joined the Oceania Federation and was already working on getting a team to the next IFMA World championships in Bangkok. Watch out some big boys will be making their way to Bangkok. Samoa and Tonga welcome to the WMC and IFMA Family.

Italy will be hosting an open IFMA Championship in July. Mr. David Carlot President of the Italian Federation is working very hard to get this event off the ground.

Mr. Segei Zhukov President of the Russian Federation and Member of the Olympic Committee of Russia traveled to Bangkok recently member for IFMA, to have a meeting with Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan and General Chetta Thanajaro. Russia, a long time member of IFMA and WMC, is very interested in hosting a big MUAYTHAI Against Drug event in Russia. Russia is with no doubt one of the strongest MUAYTHAI Countries. An event like this in Moscow would be fantastic news.

Already has held its first round qualification fights for the upcoming IFMA World championships; and, the event was a great success.

South Africa
Johannesburg is planning a mega MUAYTHAI event under the MAD and WMC logo. Some of the biggest promoters have joined forces to take MUAYTHAI to the next level and government recognition is very close.

Has received Government recognition. This only can go to the hard work and dedication of IFMA Vice President Gennady Trukhanov. Ukraine has become, in the last 5 years, one of the MUAYTHAI powerhouses in the world.

Belarus also fully recognized under the Olympic has produced some of the world greatest fighters. Andrew Gridzin, Federation Vice President, have been in Bangkok recently to talk to Dr.Sakyche Tapsuwan and General Chetta on the development of MUAYTHAI in Belarus. He brought along one of Belarus’s biggest names, Alexis Ignashow, and both have been guests of honor at the WMC MUAYTHAI Against Drug Gala

Czech Republic
The Czech Federation also fully recognized under the Presidency of Jan Dominick, which recently opened a new headquarter and Gym. Sadly the last headquarter has been damaged cause by flooding. Czech Republic has some great fighters and puts on fantastic WMC events.

Will be organizing a mega event live televised first week in July. Some of the biggest names in MUAYTHAI will travel to Korea, Alex Dally, Clifton Brown, and many others to fight at this event. Move over Tae kwon do, MUAYTHAI is coming!

Which has been the host of the unforgettable IFMA championship last year, will again host a international event in August. The event will be under the banner of WMC, IFMA, and MAD banner. MUAYTHAI in Kazakhstan has been one of the founding members of the IFMA and a lot of the success must go to the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan President of Kazakhstan Federation and Vice President of IFMA Mister Karim Massimov, and the Co-ordinator Mister Farhat Amakulov.

Was the venue for the recent WMC and IFMA referee course. Macau, fully recognized by the government under the IFMA, is putting on many international events, Dr.Sakchye Tapsuwan President of the IFMA has been guest of honor at this 5 days course.

Hong Kong
Has seen many fantastic MUAYTHAI events, but the most talked about fight must be WMC World Champion, Nathan Corbett, and Russian Champion, Mohamed. Both Fighters put on a sensational fight and Nathan kept his belt in Australia.

After the recent success of the Super 8 in Canada, Mike Miles, WMC Vice President and IFMA Executive Board member, has promised to put on even bigger events. The Canadian MUAYTHAI Federation has been very busy with traveling to Europe and hosting event in Canada.

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Re: WMC - World '04 Update
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