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Ship spare parts

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Ship spare parts
IMO is a world leader in pumps for fuel handling systems such as booster, oil transfer, purifier / feed and lubrication systems. With a longstanding record of innovation, we have pioneered the development of machine room as well as sealless magnetic coupled pumps.

Over 75 years at the forefront of the pump industry
In the early 1920s, on what he called a ‘boring evening at home’, IMO’s founder Carl Montelius hatched the idea for the world's first multiple screw pump. Smooth and silent, even when running at high speed and high pressure, the IMO screw pump features a precisely calculated rotor thread profile that prevents vibration. The simplicity of the design has proved to be enormously popular in thousands of different applications around the world.

In 1931, Montelius joined financier Bengt Ingeström to form IMO, a name formulated from their initials. Today, the company continues in the tradition of these two prominent men and stands for the highest quality, reliability and service levels in the pump industry.

Millions of IMO pumps in service around the world
Reaching all over the globe, IMO pumps ensure outstanding performance in hydraulic systems, in fuel and lube oil systems and oil transfer applications. Excellent support and service is ensured with authorized service points at key strategic locations internationally.

Check our website: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych Użytkowników]
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